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Why Entrust Your Clients to Animal Behavior Training Concepts?


PET OWNERS often turn to veterinary staff to help them with their training and behavior questions. 

THE AMERICAN VETERINARY SOCIETY OF ANIMAL BEHAVIOR (AVSAB) RECOMMENDS that veterinarians use or refer clients ONLY to trainers who understand the principles of and effectively use positive reinforcement training. Read AVSAB's position statement here. 

LAURA MONACO TORELLI has used force-free training with multiple exotic and domestic species for more than 20 years. She served as a staff trainer with  Chicagoland Veterinary Behavior Consultants for five years, and is Level 2 Fear Free Certified

WE ARE KAREN PRYOR ACADEMY CERTIFIED TRAINING PARTNERS (KPA CTPs). KPA provides veterinarians with a reliable, quality-controlled global network of dog trainers who teach and train using positive reinforcement principles. Laura Monaco Torelli is KPA faculty.  

KPA CTPs must score 90 percent or above on a written test, a training test, and a teaching test; sign a pledge to teach and train using force-free principles and techniques; and maintain certification annually through continuing education or a client survey process. 


WE CAN MAKE YOUR CLIENTS' VISITS LESS STRESSFUL. In her work as an exotic animal trainer, Laura has trained many species to participate willingly in their own care. Through our Ready… Set… for Groomer and Vet program, she and her staff are now bringing these same techniques to the average dog owner. 

Read more about this program here or watch Laura Monaco Torelli and Dr. Kelly Ballantyne, DVM, in their WGN or NBC TV presentations. Or listen to Laura speak at length about incorporating husbandry into everyday training on Hannah Branigan's podcast Drinking From the Toilet

WE COLLABORATE AND COMMUNICATE. We believe behavioral health is part of overall health, and regularly correspond with our clients' veterinarians to ensure general wellness, rule out medical causes of behavior problems, and solicit veterinary input on abnormal behavior. 

WE ARE LICENSED AND INSURED and will provide proof on request.   

LUNCH AND LEARN WITH US. We are happy to come to your practice to demonstrate how we train, answer questions you might have, and provide additional resources for your clientele. Send a request through our Contact Us page.